So, here it is my loyal minions!…..A portal into my crazy mind.

My first entry is just an intro so don’t expect awesomeness just yet. Wait for it….. : )

I’m a 29 year old single mom of an amazing little one year old boy, work a full time job as an Internet sales manager at a car dealership and handle my business on my own! I love my life and do not regret a single thing. Everything worked out exactly as it should have and it is true that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. My experiences have made me stronger than I ever thought I could be. When days are hard, my son is my sunshine.

When I was very young I started writing. I figured out the best way to vent is through your words. Even though they often go unspoken, they are in some way out there for the world to see. When the words flow the weight is lifted. From this came stories, songs, poems…and I have been told by many that my words are inspirational. So, now I will begin to share those words with you. Enjoy 🙂