I usually do not get involved in politics, world events, etc. because it’s like meddling with religious views, but this one has been the new trending topic lately, a friend asked me to blog about it and I want to hear your thoughts….

First, take a moment to educate yourself on who Joseph Kony is, what he is, what his group LRA (Lords Resistance Army) has done:





The rebel group is notorious for murder, torture, mutilation, rape, widespread abductions of children and adults, and pillaging.

Activists succeeded in getting Obama in October to dispatch 100 US-Special Forces soldiers to assist region militaries fighting the LRA. But 100 vs thousands isn’t enough to make a ripple in the water.

The numbers of abducted children range from 30-60k + and the boys are being used as kadogo (war soldiers) and the girls are being used as porters and sex slaves. 

The Youtube video has been viewed 21 million times and the numbers continue to soar, but the real question is….Many will watch, but how many will actually DO something about what they have seen? Do people actually care or are they just re-posting the pics and videos because its the current trend? Has the info gone viral because its the Facebook/Twitter norm to click “share” on videos/photos?

Even if you aren’t going to do anything for the babies in Uganda after reading this, it should still make you think about your own lives. As much as we may complain at least our babies aren’t starving, being raped, beaten, forced on the front lines and terrified. Most of us have healthy happy children we kiss and tuck safely into bed each night. We don’t work in sweat shops for pennies a day. We don’t step over dead bodies in the streets on the way to our jobs. We don’t have soldiers with machine guns outside our doors. Be appreciative. Even if you aren’t religious, you should be thankful that you are in this country.