With the tragic events from the past few weeks I have found myself surrounded by doubt, confusion, guilt, sadness and I have a very empty place in my heart. We lost a loved one to an overdose on Friday the 8th. As a nation we lost precious innocent children because of a crazed killer on Friday the 15th. There were horrific events in between those episodes that lead me to now question the sanity of each person I pass.

The news is on every tv station, every radio station, every newspaper, every website and it is being discussed in every household. If absurd amounts of attention are what these murderers were after, they have achieved their goal. The media disgusts me. They are first on the scene to see if they can get a glimpse of the gruesome setting, they shove their cameras into the faces of the heartbroken parents, interview the shocked children and turn the crime into a circus. They dig for information that hasn’t been released yet and the way they recite the details makes it seem as if they lack the ability to feel. If the shooter had lived, he would probably be flipping through the channels absolutely giddy with his newfound fame.

What can we blame these incidents on??? God, mental illness, drugs, a disturbed childhood…We all race to point a finger, but the question is when we will stop to face reality. Have you ever stopped to think maybe WE are to blame? When is the last time you prayed, donated to a charity, smiled at a stranger, went out of your way to help someone, studied to understand a mental illness, talked to a child about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, reported child abuse, stopped to pay close attention to someone other than yourself…WHEN? If you can name a date, how often do you do these things? GOOD DEEDS SHOULD BE PART OF YOUR DAILY ROUTINE.

There’s the constant question “Am I raising my child like I should?” Each parent believes their child is beautiful and perfect. As a parent, I believe my child came straight from heaven and is an angel. But, as parents we must also never be too proud to admit when there may be a problem. If you notice behavior/temperament issues, it is our responsibility to address it instead of pushing it under the rug in hopes that it will disappear. Small issues may manifest into things we could never fathom. Mental illnesses do not heal themselves, so when you seek help you are doing the right thing.