5:00am est…The house is still. The only sounds I hear are from outside and the white noise of the baby monitor waiting on the baby to stir. It is peaceful. It is the only time of day when I can take very deep calm breaths. I can collect all of my thoughts. I can organize. I mentally prepare for the day. Because at 6am…

“Good morning Mom! Im thirsty! Im hungry! I need to tell you about my dream! I have to potty!”

Make breakfast

Walk the dog

Feed the fish

Get everyone dressed for school

Brush everyone’s teeth

Pack a lunch

Make time for random requests & questions: “Please put your shoes on. Brush your teeth, not the dog, Why are you naked? Please get the food off of the floor. Don’t hit each other. Get out of the bathtub. Did you miss the toilet completely? Go get an injury ice pack. The sippie cup isn’t a sprinkler.” Etc etc. 6am is GO time. And from there it doesn’t slow down again until 9pm.

But, it’s fun. It’s a rush. It’s things I would never wish to replace or miss. Our life is busy and full and exciting. Every day we learn and experience and push our imaginations to the max. We laugh, dance, sing & play the hours away. Every night when we lay down we are tired and happy. And I wait to exhale until 5am rolls around again.

If your day comes to a close and you are not satisfied just think…what else could you have done with your time?